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Chewies Immuno Licious Orange Flav 30 Gummies

Chewies Immuno Licious Orange Flav 30 Gummies

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"Product Description
Boosting your child’s immune system deliciously, naturally:
• Immunolicious gummies are fortified with Wellmune® that boosts the immune system safely
• Each gummy is worth 50mg of Wellmune®, take just 2 gummies a day to keep health threats away
• The Power of 3 combination of Wellmune + Vitamin C + Zinc
• Sugar Free, No Artificial Colouring, and Vegan (pectin gummies)

What Is Wellmune®?
• A gluco polysaccharide derived from highly purified proprietary yeast
• Widely available as a natural food and beverage ingredient
• Clinically proven to safely enhance immune system
• Kills foreign intruders without stimulating immune system, immune boosters or stimulators by activating innate immune body cells
• GRAS-approved under US FDA regulations and regulatory approval in other countries
• Halal, non-allergenic and GMO free

How To Use
Children: Take 2 gummies orally daily.
Adult: Take 4 gummies orally daily

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