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Derma Angel

Derma Angel Acne Patch For Day 12 Patches

Derma Angel Acne Patch For Day 12 Patches

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The outer thin inner thick design enhances skin absorption, is breathable and waterproof, protects from pollution, and has a matte surface for easy peeling and use.
Acne Patch Day Make acne highly invisible Makeup-friendly Thinner edges.

Directions for use:
Wash face and allow to dry -Remove patch by tearing along serrated edge. -Apply patch to affected area and remove peel. -Press and hold for 3-5 secs until perfectly adhered.

Important information:
When a patch becomes milky or saturated after over 12 hours, replace it. Avoid applying to wounds or infected areas. If swelling, irritation, or pain occurs, stop use and consult a doctor. Keep cool and avoid direct sunlight.

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