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Diabetasol Chocolate Flavour 180gm

Diabetasol Chocolate Flavour 180gm

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For people with diabetes, having balance daily nutrition intake is crucial to keep blood sugar levels stable. Diabetasol, Balance Nutrition for Diabetes with Vitadigest (mix of slow release carbohydrate and fiber) which is Clinically Proven to perform low Glycemic Index (GI) profile and creates longer full feeling. Diabetasol is also completed with High Calcium, High Fiber, Cholesterol Free, 11 vitamins, and 6 minerals. Drink Diabetasol daily to help maintaining blood sugar level. Diabetasol Nutrition Powder is available in 3 flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate and Cappuccino. Diabetasol provides solution for people with diabetes with wide product range from nutrition powder, sweetener safe for diabetic, up to daily diabetic snacks category.

Performing healthy diet, routine exercise, monitoring blood glucose level regularly and consult your doctor will maintain your healthy life and help you to control blood glucose level.

Direction for use : Add 4 scoops of Diabetasol into 200ml of warm water and stir slowly ntil completely siddolved.

Ingredients : Maltodextrine, Veggetable Oil (Palm), Isomaltulose, Dextrine, Caseinate, Whey Protein, Inulin. Cocoa powder, Sorbitol (1.7g/Serving), Flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla)Soy Lecithine, Sucralose (10g/Serving), Minerals and Vitamin,

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