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Diabetasol Sweetener 50 sachets

Diabetasol Sweetener 50 sachets

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Diabetasol No Calorie Sweetener is a sugar substitute without calories. With sucralose content which is 600x sweetness compared to cane sugar (granulated sugar) and stable in hot and cold temperatures so that it can be used for cooking and making cakes. Safe for people with Diabetes and people who care about health.
Taste like real sugar, Stable sweetness at high temperature, Suitable for beverages and cooking, Artificial sweetening, Substance sucralose, Suitable for any beverages, Halal - Majelis Ulama Indonesia
Diabetasol Sweetener can be consumed for hot and cold beverages, and also suitable for baking and cooking.

Diabetasol Sweetener makes it easier to control the calorie of a dish.

Sweetness of One Sachet
Sweetness of one sachet Diabetasol Sweetener is equal to 2 teaspoons of sugar.
Serving size : 1 sachet (±1g), Serving per container : 50

Ingredients: Lactose, Sucralose, Vitamin C

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