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Evin Eco Floss Picks 2-In-1 Charcoal Mint 50pcs

Evin Eco Floss Picks 2-In-1 Charcoal Mint 50pcs

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Evin Eco Floss Picks 2-in-1 Charcoal infused with taste of mint.

Evin Eco Floss Picks use corn-starch as its main base. Evin Eco Floss Picks make flossing a piece of cake! The double threading ensures that food debris is effectively removed whilst the shape of the pick promotes easy access to those hard to reach places. Made primarily from corn-starch, Evin Eco Floss Picks aim to minimise the stress on our environment whilst providing a first class experience.

1. Grip the handle and gently slide the floss between each tooth using back and forth motion just to the gum line.
2. Slide the floss up and down along the tooth surface to remove food debris and plaque.

1. Do not force the dental floss between teeth.
2. Do not swallow.
3. Keep out of reach of children. Children should be supervised by an adult while using dental floss.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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