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Formula PDA

Formular PDA Homeopati RTD 560mg Tablet 30s

Formular PDA Homeopati RTD 560mg Tablet 30s

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Helps treat babies affected by jaundice (jaundice) after birth. It is best to practice when the baby is 8 months pregnant until the symptoms of baby yellow fever disappear
Quantity : 30 Tablets

How to use: 2 tablets (1 tablet once) taken 2 times a day. Put the tablet into a bottle containing 10ml of milk or boiled water.
Stir the tablet with a spoon for 60 seconds. Feed the baby little by little. RTD is taken until the fever goes down or until the tablets run out.
Repeat the same steps for the second dose
Breastfeeding mothers can help by taking RTD 1 pill 2 times a day for 3 days only.

How to store : Place at room temperature, avoid storing next to strong smelling items such as perfume oil, wind oil.

No. Registration : MAL16040012T

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