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Garnier Men Acno Fight Acne Gel 10ml

Garnier Men Acno Fight Acne Gel 10ml

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Reveal smoother and clearer skin with the Garnier Acno Fight Gel for men. This potent gel-based formula soothes redness and fights pimple-causing bacteria, thereby drying out and reducing the size of pimples in a matter of hours.

Reduce redness: The Garnier Pimple Clearing Pen treats acne by reducing redness and killing pimple-causing germs
Dries out pimple quickly: It dries out pimples in just two hours
Provide cooling sensation: Using the Garnier Pimple Clearing Pen leaves behind a cooling sensation that soothes irritated skin instantly
Absorbs quickly: The Garnier Pimple Gel absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves no residue
Reveals clear skin: Regular use of the product reveals smoother, clearer-looking skin that boosts your confidence

Direction for use:
Step 1: Cleanse your face well.
Step 2: Apply Garnier Pimple gel from the nozzle of the pen on the affected area.

For external use only.

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