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Kokusda Teh Tarik Tudya-Sr 3In1 20gm x 20 packet

Kokusda Teh Tarik Tudya-Sr 3In1 20gm x 20 packet

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Tea contains anti-oxidants, anti-inflammation, anti-allergy, anti-bacterial, and anti-infection. Drink Teh Tarik Tudya special formulation Allayarham Prof. Dr. Azizan Ismail which contains additional nutrients from selected herbs such as ginger, lemongrass, coriander, pulosari and habbatus sawda' for your health. Teh Tarik Tudya is prepared through the extraction process of grade A tea (three leaves from the shoot part), suitable as a drink for diabetics.

1. Good for the digestive system.
2. It is carminative (dispels and expels wind).
3. Helps with diarrhea problems
4. Warm stomach
5. Reduce the problem of constipation.
6. Reduce whooping cough
7. Improve the body's immune system
8. Prevent infections and allergies
9. Increase metabolism
10. Gives stamina
11. Free breathing
12. Reduce joint pain.
13. Overcome the problem of worms
14. Brightens the eyes.
15. Contains STEVIA sweetener (SUITABLE FOR DIABETES)

For women:
a. Reduces whiteness (leucorrhoea)
b. Launching menstruation
c. Good during pregnancy and after delivery

Non-Dairy Creamer, Lactose, Tea Extract, Instant Whole Milk Powder, Herbal Extract (Cutcherry, Nutmeg, Galangal, Cardamon, Black Cumin, Clove, Anise, Coriander, Lemon Grass, Pinecone Ginger, Ginger, Cinnamon), Cocoa Powder, Stevia Rebaudiana and Honey. Contains Stabilizer as Permitted Food Conditioner.

DirectionsFor Use
1) Pour 1 sachet into a cup
2) Add 150ml hot water
3) Stir and ready to serve

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