• Smoking cessation

    Quitting smoking can be tough, hence, we offer personalized quit plans and one-on-one counseling to provide you with the tools and encouragement you need to succeed.

  • Medication Use Review

    A comprehensive review of your medications, ensuring they're safe, effective, and appropriate for your unique needs.

  • Blood Pressure Test

    Quick and painless test to measure your blood pressure accurately. Regular monitoring helps identify potential health risks early on, allowing you to make informed lifestyle choices.

  • Blood Glucose Test

    Providing you valuable insights into your body's sugar levels. Understanding these numbers can help you make informed decisions about your diet, exercise, & overall lifestyle.

  • Diabetic Management

    Personalized care, education, and lifestyle guidance to help you effectively manage your blood sugar levels.

  • Total Cholesterol Test

    Measuring both your HDL (good) & LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, along with triglycerides. It is important to understand your cholesterol levels for assessing your heart’s well-being.

  • Body Composition Analysis

    Accurately measure your body fat percentage & water content, giving you insights whether you're aiming to lose weight, build muscle, or improve hydration levels.

  • BMI Analysis

    Assess if your weight is in a healthy range. By understanding your BMI, we can assist you in setting realistic health goals and making positive lifestyle changes.

  • Weight Management

    Our pharmacists is here to support you by a thorough assessment followed by personalized diet and exercise plans tailored to help you lose weight & lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Uric Acid Test

    Monitoring your uric acid levels allows for early detection and management of conditions like gout and kidney stones.

  • Pregnancy Care

    Comprehensive and compassionate pregnancy care, ensuring you & your baby receive the best possible support. From prenatal check-ups to expert guidance on nutrition and exercises.

  • Post-partum Management

    Tailored care, guidance, & resources for your postpartum recovery and adjustment to motherhood. From nutrition and breastfeeding support to emotional well-being.

  • Wound Care Services

    Whether you have minor cuts or chronic wounds, we offer personalized wound assessments and specialized treatment plans to ensure your wounds receive the utmost care & attention.

  • Bone Density Test

    We offer a quick and painless test to assess your bone strength and risk of fractures

  • "Anak saya berumur 9 tahun, mempunyai masalah ekzema yang agak teruk. Saya dh habis banyak duit ke sana sini untuk dapatkan rawatan terbaik untuk anak saya. Sehingga saya berjumpa seorang Ahli Farmasi di Kaisar Farmasi. Beliau telah memberikan penerangan yang sangat jelas berkenaan rawatan terbaik untuk anak saya. Tak sangka masalah ekzema anak saya sudah semakin baik. Terbaik Kaisar Farmasi, saya memang rekomen semua kenalan saya untuk ke Kaisar Farmasi. Layanan staff juga sangat baik, terima kasih Kaisar Farmasi yang telah menawarkan perkhidmatan terbaik kepada komuniti setempat."

    - Halimah, Seri Kembangan, Housewife

  • "Saya menghidapi penyakit sakit lutut yang kronik, bermacam macam ubat telah dicuba namun gagal menyembuhkan sakit lutut saya. Setelah mencuba ubat-ubatan dan rawatan yang dicadangkan oleh ahli farmasi Kaisar, alhamdullillah sakit lutut saya sudah hilang. Kini saya sudah tidak perlu solat menggunakan kerusi. Terima kasih Kaisar Farmasi."

    - Ainur, KL, Housewife

  • "Selama 3 bulan saya terpaksa tidur secara duduk atas sakit angin dalam perut (gerd) yang saya hadapi. Alhamdullillah, sakit semakin beransur pulih setelah mencuba regimen rawatan yang dicadangkan oleh Farmasi Kaisar. Kini saya kembali sihat, sudah boleh tidur baring seperti biasa. Terima kasih kaisar farmasi."

    - Siti Hasidur, Shah Alam, Teacher

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Kaisar @ Doc2Us®

We know it's frustrating to walk in to a pharmacy without a paper prescription, asked to leave the pharmacy, go to a nearby GP to consult a doctor, get the prescription from the GP, then visit the pharmacy again for dispensing.

With DOC2US® you can easily get an access to a doctor for consult in real-time at the comfort of Kaisar Pharmacy. On top of that we will have a digital record of your consultations & medication for easy follow up and refill in the future. Now you can dispense medications with prescriptions easily and safely.

Your convenience is our priority!