• Point collection

    At every purchase RM1=1 point

  • Lifetime membership

    Sign up once, lasts forever!

  • Pay with points

    *min 1000 points = RM10

  • Item Redemption

    Use accumulated Points to redeem items at any Kaisar Pharmacy outlet

Sign up now as a member!

Head on to any nearest Kaisar Pharmacy,
bring along IC/passport to activate your membership for a lifetime!


How do I register as a Kaisar Lifetime member?

  • Walk into your nearest Kaisar outlet and register at ONLY RM1.
  • Application for membership is open to individuals who are aged 12 years and above.
  • You may apply for Membership at any of the Kaisar Pharmacy Outlets in Malaysia by presenting your MYCARD (NRIC) or Passport upon registration.
  • You are only entitled for one Membership and all Points collected are strictly not transferable.

What are the benefits I get as a Kaisar Lifetime Member?

  • Point collection with every purchase RM1=1 point.
  • RM 1 for LIFETIME membership.
  • Get Voucher Discounts for every purchase above RM250.
  • Get health consultation, information & promotion on weekly basis.
  • Redeem points at any Kaisar Pharmacy Outlets

  1. 1000 Points = RM10 Voucher
  2. 5000 Points = RM50 Voucher
  3. 7000 Points = RM100 Voucher

How do I earn points?

  • For every RM1 nett spend at any Kaisar Pharmacy outlet, member will earn 1 Point
  • Get rewarded with every purchase.
  • Enjoy extra points on special events and with purchase of inhouse products.

What can I do with the points earned?

Points must be redeemed in a minimum block of 1000 points and can be used to redeem vouchers at any Kaisar Pharmacy outlet.

  • 1000 Points = RM10 Voucher
  • 5000 Points = RM50 Voucher
  • 7000 Points = RM100 Voucher

Points earned cannot be exchanged for cash and can only strictly be used to offset the purchases throughout the redemption method.

How do I check my members points?

You may visit to any Kaisar Pharmacy outlets or Whatsapp up to check.

How long are my member points valid for?

There is no expiry for members. It is LIFELONG !

Points Terms & Conditions

  • The Mykad number/passport is required to be verified upon every purchase, failing, which no Membership Points will be captured.
  • In order to redeem Membership Points, the identity card or passport of the Member is required to be presented at the time of redemption.
  • Kaisar Pharmacy; may at its absolute discretion; refuse to process your redemption request if fraudulent activities are suspected from your Membership account.
  • Kaisar Pharmacy has the right to cancel the Points awarded if products purchased at the Kaisar Pharmacy Outlets are returned and refunded in full or partially.
  • Points awarded and/or redeemed may be reversed and/or cancelled if Kaisar Pharmacy determines that the Points were not earned and/or redeemed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions stated herein and/or due to any system error.
  • Points earned are strictly not transferable.
  • Kaisar Pharmacy reserves the right to waive, add or amend the Membership terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) without prior notice.

Can I share my account with others for members benefit?

We do not encourage sharing of your Membership Account to prevent cases of misappropriate of use.

Membership Termination

  • Members may terminate the use of the Membership at any time by notification to us via email to eaglecliffeoffice@gmail.com or by walking in to any Kaisar Pharmacy outlet.
  • Membership accounts will be terminated within 30 days upon receipt of any notice and past purchase history and earned Points will be cancelled and deleted.
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