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Absorba Nateen Soft Underpad 75 X 75cm 10pads

Absorba Nateen Soft Underpad 75 X 75cm 10pads

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Absorba Nateen Soft Underpad absorbs leakages, maintains dryness and reduces odours, this alternative protection for a mattress/chair offers peace of mind to both user and caregiver. It also a highly absorbent pads made for mattress protection from urine damage. The pad is put under or above the linens; then it absorbs the leaking fluid.

Special Features:
•Soft, Hypoallergenic, non-woven top sheet
•Embossed channels assure faster fluid distribution & increase absorbency up to 500ml
•Waterproof PE film backsheet, to prevent leakages
•Superior absorbency core with Super absorbency polymer (SAP-Gel)
•Larger size for better containment & performance

Open and put in on top of surface of the bed or furniture where you will be sitting or laying down, then unfolded from the center where It should be placed below lower back to where your pad extends out below your mid-thigh. The underpad is unfolded then opened out for covering several inches past the place of contact. 

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