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Ammeda Medi-Sock Compression Stock Under Knee (XXXL)

Ammeda Medi-Sock Compression Stock Under Knee (XXXL)

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The “AMMEDA MEDI-SOCK COMPRESSION STOCK UNDER KNEE XXXL” is a compression sock that offers a combination of health benefits, comfort, and style. Made with fine elastic materials and utilizing seamless 3-D knitting manufacturing techniques, these socks are designed to be worn comfortably and easily put on or taken off. The key feature of these socks is their graduated compression, which provides a therapeutic effect and supports healthy blood circulation. The compression is highest at the ankle area, exerting 100% pressure, and gradually decreases to 70% in the calf region and 40% in the thigh region. This gradual pressure gradient ensures that the veins are compressed in a normal and healthy way.

Special Features:
Made from: 78% Nylon, 22% Spandex
* Hand wash in warm water
* Do not use bleach or detergent
* Keep in Air drying or low setting on a drying machine
*Hand-washing in a meshed bag mildly can be helpful to maintain the stockings.
*Air dry or low setting on drying machine are recommended

Directions of Use:
Open the top and leg parts, hold in hand, then pull sock on foot till ankle. Adjust heel and ankle parts smoothly and pull stocking. Ankle part is strong compression.

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