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De Venus

De Venus Be Koool Cooling Fever Patch (Adult & Kids / Infant)

De Venus Be Koool Cooling Fever Patch (Adult & Kids / Infant)

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De Venus Be Koool is a cooling patch that provide immediate powerful cooling sensation with calming lavender


  1. Reduce fever physically
  2. Relief toothache & headache
  3. Relief sunburn
  4. Relief tiredness, sleepy & dizziness
  5. Protect from heat stroke

Special feature:

  1. Colour indicator, gel change colour from purple to pink if fever is detected (temp >38%)
  2. Individual pack maintaining hygiene
  3. Small pack provides convenience during travelling.
  4. Calming lavender effect.


  1. Clean and dry relative body part before using.
  2. Remove the protective film.
  3. Place cooling patch on the forehead, back of the neck or any other body part you want to cool.

Warning!! : For external use only. Do not apply on sensitive skin or skin affected by eczema, rashes or wound, away from eyes and mouth. Use with adult supervision. Prohibited for pregnancy and breastfeeding

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