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De Venus Multi V Kids Jelly 50ml Box 10's

De Venus Multi V Kids Jelly 50ml Box 10's

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A mixed botanical drink blend of strawberry jelly powder with multivitamin, phosphatidylserine, and tiger milk mushroom. A comprehensive daily supplement formulated to boost immune system, promotes respiratory health (frequent cough & cold, sinusitis/allergic rhinitis & asthma), improve vision health, and digestive issues (constipation, diarrhea, indigestion). Enrich with Multivitamins which fills the nutritional gaps in growing children & helps in energy metabolism. It provides a natural approach toward improving your kids overall health.

Ingredients & Benefits

1) TIGER MILK MUSHROOM -helps soothe respiratory inflammations, improves breathing, helps with respiratory symptoms

2) PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE (PS) -Elevated PS levels in neuronal tissues for proper and healthy brain function.

3) BILBERRY -Beneficial for eye health, particularly vision in the dim light for better vision.

4) ZEAXANTHIN -help avoid oxidative damage causing eye problems in early kids when the eye and brain are undergoing rapid development.

5) XANTHAN GUM & KONJAC GUM -Helps to relieve constipation; by absorbing water to form a bulk which stimulates the intestine to push stool through.

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