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De Venus

De Venus Superb UT Cranberry x 10 Sachets

De Venus Superb UT Cranberry x 10 Sachets

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DE VENUS SUPERB UT CRANBERRY is a botanical beverage with multitudes of goodness due to the combination of Cranberry extract, Beet Root extract, Undenatured Collagen Type II, and Kacip Fatimah and Pueraria mirifica extract, and have been carefully formulated and chosen to boost the Urinary System Health.

DE VENUS SUPERB UT CRANBERRY is also a superior product to combat urinary incontinence (kencing tak lawas)

Featuring Cranberex® technology, which is a concentrated, standardized Cranberry extract that represents a powerful advance in the delivery of Cranberry’s most active constituents, thus promote optimal absorption of the active ingredients.

As for Beet Root extract, due to its richness in polyphenolic compounds, betalains, and ascorbic acid, the extract exhibits efficacy similar to an antibiotic!! Both of the ingredients have been proven to to work together well to effectively help reducing the Urinary Tract Infections significantly and simultaneously promote a healthy urinary tract.

DE VENUS SUPERB UT CRANBERRY also contains Denatured Collagen Type II for additional benefits as a component of cartilage and bone development, and is hence essential in building muscle mass and gives stamina to your muscles and bones. It also provides lubrication to joints and eases movement, thereby relieving symptoms such as pain and stiffness during urination.

DE VENUS SUPERB UT CRANBERRY also contains Kacip Fatimah Extract, which has been used for centuries to promote women’s health, by stimulate the release of urine. This effect can help to flush out toxins and excess water from the body.

Pueraria mirifica extract on the other hand has shown some promise to relieve vaginal dryness and to promote vaginal health.

Say goodbye to UTIs and Urinary Incontinence with DE VENUS SUPERB UT CRANBERRY – a choice you’ll never regret.

Formulated with:
Cranberry Powder Concentrate (Cranberex®)
Beet Root extract
Denatured Collagen Type II
Kacip Fatimah
Pueraria mirifica extract

All ingredients are 100% natural and free from artificial additives and antibiotics.

Consumption Guide:
For Adults, take 1 sachet 2 times per day after meals.

Suitable For:
-Those experiencing urinary problems and infections
-Pregnant women
-Bed-ridden patients
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