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De Venus

De Venus Xcuff Syrup 200ml

De Venus Xcuff Syrup 200ml

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This product is a herbal remedy that is traditionally used to relieve cough, phlegm, colds, and flu. It may also aid in the relief of fever and heat in above 12 years old and adults


  • Non-stop irritating cough with throat itchiness
  • Phlegm or dry irritating cough
  • Cold and flu


  • Ivy Leaf, a natural ingredients - suitable for all ages
  • Honey - to soothe throat irritation
  • Yellow himalayan fruit & Loquat - used for hundreds of years in the treatment of cough and expectorant function
  • Cordyceps - to strengthens the respiratory tract, anti-inflammatory function & provides energy
  • High antioxidant & anti-inflammatory function while stimulating the body's resistance fight disease

Recommended dosage:

  • 1 tablespoon 3 times a day
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