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Dermacyn Ezyma Itch Relief Hydrogel 45gm

Dermacyn Ezyma Itch Relief Hydrogel 45gm

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Dermacyn® EZyma™ Hydrogel is al combination of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and silicone hydrogel for the easy management of eczema and dermatitis flares. Fast itch relief, Non-steroidal, Anti-microbial & Anti-inflammatory and safe for all ages

Contents: 4 in 1 action
The active ingredient in EZyma™ hydrogel, hypochlorous acid, is able to inhibit up to 86% of the release of
histamine from mast cells, which is responsible for skin redness, swelling and itchiness (hallmark of allergy)
- Moisturises
- Reduces itch
- Reduces redness
- Anti-microbial

Step 1: Clean Affected Area
Wash the affected skin with water or Dermacyn® WoundCare Solution for optimum results. Allow the skin to dry naturally. Do not aggravate by using towel to rub. Unclean cloth contains bacteria which causes infection.

Step 2: Protective Barrier
Shake the bottle well. Apply a thin layer of EZyma™ hydrogel on the affected area. The hydrogel contains silicone and hypochlorous acid which forms a protective barrier. Its anti-pruritic and anti-microbial properties offer fast itch relief and prevent bacterial infections.

Step 3: Consistent Application
Repeat the application for three times daily or as instructed by your physician. Consistent application of the hydrogel helps to maintain optimum environment for healing.

Step 4: Other Therapy
Use other moisturiser or emollients as instructed by your physician.

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