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Dermoplex Burn Aid Acriflavine Cream 25gm

Dermoplex Burn Aid Acriflavine Cream 25gm

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Antiseptic cream for burns. Also for minor cuts, wounds, insects bites, sores, rashes and abrasions


Burn Aid Cream helps in the prevention and treatment of infections during treatment of burns. It is also used as an antiseptic in minor cuts and abrasions. It kills the infectious microorganisms, reduces inflammation symptoms such as burning sensation, irritation and pain. This promotes healing of the burns/wounds


Burns injuries are one of the common injuries that can happen in our daily lives. Besides using burn aid creams like Dermoplex Burn Aid Cream 25g, here are a few steps on how to take care of or treat someone with minor burns.

1. Cooling. The first step of treating a minor burn is to cool the area. Run the burn area under running water or apply a cold or ice compress.
2. Apply petroleum jelly or burn aid cream to protect the wound. Avoid applying other creams or toothpaste on the burn wound.
3. You can cover the area with a sterile bandage or let it heal on its own especially if it is blistered. Do not pop the blister especially with non-sterile objects like needles or sticks as you may initiate an infection.
4. Take over-the-counter pain medication if the pain from the burn is bothering you.
Please be aware that these tips are only applicable to treat minor (first degree) burns. Please seek medical attention immediately if you are having second-degree burns, more severe burns or a very large area of first degree burns.

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