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Equal Tablets Refill 500s

Equal Tablets Refill 500s

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EQUAL Tablets 500 Refill

Equal Tablets are perfect for sweetening your coffee or tea, whether youre at home or out and about. The small dispenser makes Equal Tablets easy to pop into your bag or to have at your desk.

1 Equal Tablet (0.3 kcal) = 1 level teaspoon sugar (16 kcal)

Product Details
1. Equal Tablets in a handy dispenser are ideal for sweetening beverages when you are on the go
2. Use Equal in coffee, tea and other beverages
3. 3 years shelf life

Ingredients Lactose (Milk product), Artificial Sweetening Substance (Aspartame 18mg), L-Leucine and Croscarmellose Sodium

Caution Unsuitable for Phenylketonurics.

Store in a cool, dry place.

How to fill your dispenser
Carefully open the lid of your tablet dispenser at the lever slot indicated. Tear open one of the 100 tablet refill sachets and empty the contents into the dispenser. Firmly secure the lid of the dispenser

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