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Feminine Comfort

Feminine Comfort Sanitary Pads Red

Feminine Comfort Sanitary Pads Red

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USE: Night Use pad (30cm)
Extra long and wide hip guard, unique design of fan-shaped back end and side leak prevention groove to prevent leakage effectively and provide adequate back coverage, safe and reliable

Used everyday to cure and prevent 90% of women common problem
Enriched with pure natural herbs to provide dryness, hygiene and feminine comfort during menstruation
Newly designed soft cotton-like surface provides you with maximum comfort
Enriched with S.A.P for stronger fluid absorption and retention

Ingredients: Soft cotton-like surface, Air laid inner layer, PE waterproof external layer, etc

Panty Liner (16cm) 20pieces/ pack
Day Use (24.5cm) 10 pieces/ pack
Night Use (30cm) 10pieces/ pack

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