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Glucolin Glucose Original 420gm

Glucolin Glucose Original 420gm

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Glucolin is an energy supplement, designed to give you a rapid boost in energy every day. The energy comes from its ingredient. Dextrose monohydrate, which is a high-grade medicinal glucose who is easily absorbed in the body to be used as a source of energy.
Glucolin also contains calcium and Vitamin D which is beneficial for your bones and teeth. The Vitamin D component helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body.

Key Ingredients:
-Dextrose monohydrate
-Calcium glycerophosphate
-Vitamin D
-Tricalcium phosphate
-Permitted emulsifier
-Flavours, depending on Glucolin product range
Direction for use:
Mix 2 tablespoons of Glucolin into a 200ml glass of water (1 serving).

It is not recommended if you are a diabetes patient as it contains dextrose, a form of sugar.

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