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Hydrocyn Aqua Wound Care Solution 250ml

Hydrocyn Aqua Wound Care Solution 250ml

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HYDROCYN aqua® is indicated as a wound wash, debridement agent & cleaning solution for acute & chronic wounds such as stage I-IV ulcers, venous stasis & diabetic ulcerations, post-surgery wounds, burns (1st~2nd degree) and bed sores.
It is also can be used in moistening, wound dressing during cleaning and irrigating wounds.

Directions for use;
Hydrocyn aqua is supplied ready for use.
It can be applied directly on body surface, skin and wounds.
It can be misted or fogged without compromising human respiratory functions

Active Ingredients:
Active: HOCl (0.003%), Inactive: NaOCl + NaCl (≤0.1%), Water: 99.9%

For external use only.

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