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Kaisar Junior

Kaisar Junior U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Kaisar Junior U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

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Kaisar Junior U-Shape Pregnancy pillow helps supports both the front and back, which helps to avoid rolling into a flat-back position.

-Alleviate sleeping discomfort for pregnant women
-Helps reduce back pain especially when lying down and sleeping
-Helps set your hips and spine in a neutral position.
-Promotes better blood circulation
-Relieves pressure on the stomach, back, shoulders, neck, waist and legs during sleep.
-After giving birth, this pillow is the perfect support pillow for mother and baby during breastfeeding.

Special Features
-Comforter filling of the pillow and pillowcase is 100% quality cotton.
-Comforter does not store heat and cold.
-Comforter can be plumped up or fluffed up again by drying it under the sun

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