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Kordel's Ester-C 1000mg Plus Bioflavonoids Tablets [30s, 120s]

Kordel's Ester-C 1000mg Plus Bioflavonoids Tablets [30s, 120s]

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Ester-C® is a combination of calcium ascorbate and its metabolite. It is a uniquely made using a proprietary, water-based manufacturing process that results in a pH neutral, doesn’t irritate stomach, neither does it change the pH of blood, thus, is proven safe in reducing the formation of kidney stones, which is one of the problem in most Vitamin C. Acid-free and Sodium-free.

Special Features
-4 times higher absorption - more C more protection
-24 hours retention in the body - round-the-clock helping you to fight infections and boost immunity
-Does not cause kidney stones, even with daily long-term intake

Take 1 tablet daily after meal.

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