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NeilMed Sinus Rinse Premixed 120 sachets

NeilMed Sinus Rinse Premixed 120 sachets

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Sinus Rinse is a natural soothing saline nasal wash. A large volume low positive pressure nasal wash is the most effective way to irrigate the nose based on current medical studies. Daily rinsing is safe and will keep your nasal passages clean, healthy and open. It is available in isotonic, paediatric and hypertonic concentrations.

Use For
• Nasal Allergies, Dryness & Hay Fever
• Sinus Pressure & Nasal Stuffiness
• Nasal Symptoms from Flu & Cold
• Nasal Irritation from Occupational & House Dust, Fumes, Animal Dander, Grass, Pollen, Smoke, etc.
• Post Nasal Drip & Nasal Congestion

1. Soothing, No Burning or Stinging Large Volume & Low Pressure System for Saline Nasal Irrigation, Moisturization and Daily Nasal Hygiene
2. Single piece, custom-designed rounded black cap fits any nasal opening. No push and pull components make for easy cleaning.
3. Free from preservatives, drugs, Iodine, BPA, or gluten
4. Latex Free
5. Premixed Packets of USP Grade Sodium Chloride & Sodium Bicarbonate (Purity level 99% or higher)

• 120 premixed sachets (makes 28,800ml of solution). Each sachet makes 240ml with water

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