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Shurah Pewarna Rambut 05 Merah Klasik

Shurah Pewarna Rambut 05 Merah Klasik

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Descriptions: Consists of 7 charming color variants. It is specially formulated with natural ingredients such as Henna Extract, Goat's Milk and Botanical Extracts that produce an attractive color for healthy, radiant hair.

Product benefitss:
1. Henna Extract : A type of traditional herb that has been used for generations to color hair and make hair color last longer and shine.
2. Goat's Milk : Contains important nutrients that can supply nutrients to your scalp to moisturize and nourish hair to make it healthier, softer and easier to manage.
3. Botanical Essence : Nourishes your hair cuticles for healthier and smoother hair to highlight your appearance.
4. UV protector : Preserves hair color and protects your hair from damage caused by UV rays so that hair color lasts longer.

1. Milk activator 60 ml
2. Hair color cream 40 g
3. Hair moisturizer 20 ml
4. 2 plastic gloves

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