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Sleep Tite Bed Bug & Dust Mite Control 300ml

Sleep Tite Bed Bug & Dust Mite Control 300ml

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Stop bed bugs from invading your home using this non-toxic surface spray. Independently tested in the US, It provides 100% bed bug knockdown in under 5 minutes and 94% mortality within 24 hours. Just spray it on surfaces to protect against bed bugs and stop them infesting your home or belongings.

Non-Toxic, Safe To Use Anytime, Anywhere – including around children, pets and food. You can even use it on hotel beds and luggage to protect yourself while travelling.

Fast-Acting – Independent US Lab tested

Easy-To-Use – Just spray on surfaces to repel and protect against bed bugs.

Quick Tip – Use the Sleep Tite Bed Bug Elimination Kit to get rid of bed bug infestations.

Spray Sleep Tite Bed Bug Control directly onto places where bed bugs are known or suspected to hide (mattress, bed frame, furniture). Keep bottle upright and hold about 10-15cm from surface. Re-apply as often as desired to repel bed bugs.

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