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Tree's Care

Tree's Care Respiratory Exerciser Spirometer

Tree's Care Respiratory Exerciser Spirometer

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Tree’s Care Respiratory Exerciser also known as Tri-ball spirometer is a handheld device that helps your lungs recover after a surgery or lung illness. Your lungs can become weak after prolonged disuse. Using a spirometer helps keep them active and free of fluid. When you breathe from Tree’s Care Respiratory Exerciser, the ball will rises inside the device and measures the volume of your breath. A healthcare provider can set a target breath volume for you to hit. Spirometers are commonly used at hospitals after surgeries or prolonged illnesses that lead to extended bed rest. Your doctor or surgeon may also give you a take-home spirometer after surgery.

Breathing slowly with Tree’s Care Respiratory Exerciser allows your lungs to inflate fully. These breaths help break up fluid in the lungs that can lead to pneumonia if it isn’t cleared.

Who needs this?
- Post surgery
- People with lung disease
- People with conditions that fill their lungs with fluid

Product benefits of Tree’s Care Respiratory Exerciser
- Improving lung function
- Reducing mucus buildup
- Strengthening lungs during extended rest
- Lowering the chance of developing lung infection

- Sit at the edge of your bed. If you can’t sit up completely, sit up as far as you can.
- Hold your Tree’s Care Respiratory Exerciser upright.
- Cover the mouthpiece tightly with your lips to create a seal.
- Slowly breathe in as deep as you can until the piston in the central column reaches the goal set by your healthcare provider.
- Hold your breath for at least 5 seconds, then exhale until the ball falls to the bottom of the spirometer.
- Rest for several seconds and repeat at least 10 times per hour.

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