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Ubat Cacing M-Zole Mebendazol Suspension 10ml

Ubat Cacing M-Zole Mebendazol Suspension 10ml

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M-Zole suspension is a single dose treatment against single or mixed intestinal helmintic infestations. It eradicates pinworm, whipworm, roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, trichinella and threadworm (strongyloides).

Each 10ml contains Mebendazole 500mg

Adults and children above 2 years:
Take 10ml (500mg) as a single dose.
Take with a full glass of water.
Shake well before use.
Only take 1-dose per 6 months or as of direction by healthcare professionals.
A second dose can be given after 2 to 3 weeks if reinfestation occurs.

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