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Vitahealth Kids Multivits+Zinc 60s

Vitahealth Kids Multivits+Zinc 60s

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VitaHealth Kids Mutivits + Zinc is formulated with 11 key nutrients to deliver a broad spectrum of nutritional support for growing children.
The combination of vitamins A, C and E, and zinc offers great antioxidant protection.
It is enriched with zinc to support cellular growth and development as well as strengthen immune functions.

Strengthens the body's immune defese system
Nutritional support for growing and development
Antioxidant properties

Special Features:
Natural orange flavour
Chewable tablets

- Vitamin A 2500IU
- Vitamin D 400iu
- Vitamin B1 1.05mg
- Vitamin B2 1.20mg
- Vitamin B6 1.05mg
- Vitamin B12 4.5mcg
- Folic Acid 200mcg
- Nicotinamide 5mg
- Vitamin E 10iu
- Vitamin C 50mg
- Chelated Zinc 500mcg

For children 2 years and above : Chew 1 tablet once daily after meal

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