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Vitamode Lyclear Natural Herbal Hair Wash 40ml

Vitamode Lyclear Natural Herbal Hair Wash 40ml

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Vitamode Lyclear Natural Herbal Hair Wash 40ml is specifically formulated to help kill hair lice and control nits infestation common among children.

Natural Herbal Ingredients/Function:
? Stemona Root Extract helps in controling the reproduction of lice and hatching eggs.
? Lemon Peel Oil protects and helps in soothing and moisturizing irritated or sensitive scalp.

Special Feature:
? Complete treatment after single use
? Kills all active development stages of head lice including eggs.
? Safe, free from insecticides
? Comes with free metal lice comb

Direction of Use:
? Apply Lyclear on wet hair and massage lightly until completely saturated.
? Cover hair with shower cap and leave it on hair for 10 minutes.
? Rinse hair with water.
? Remove dead lice or eggs/nits by using Lyclear fine toothed metal lice comb.
? Apply 3-5 times weekly to prevent recurrence

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