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Xepa Euderm Cream 45gm

Xepa Euderm Cream 45gm

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Euderm Cream is a deep moisturizing cream for the daily care of the body; it replenishes moisture to dry, scaly and itchy skin conditions caused by detergent, shampoo, highly alkaline soap or chemical.

Relieves infantile and allergic eczemas, icthyosis, hyperkeratotic, 'winter itch' in aged patients and 'winter chapping'.

Special Features:
Non-greasy, non-sticky, easily washable hydrating cream with a refreshing fragrance.

Urea 10% w/w in a white, smooth and homogeneous cream base.

Directions of Use:
Apply sparingly and rub onto the affected areas.
Should be applied after washing or bathing 2-3 times daily and when required.

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