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Youbaby Natural Shower Gel Head To Toe 120ml

Youbaby Natural Shower Gel Head To Toe 120ml

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Youbaby Natural Shower Gel head to Toe is a natural product, that uses only premium ingredients to treat baby's skin problems, moisturizes baby’s skin, treating baby jaundice and cleansing agent for sensitive baby's skin.

? Treating skin problems
? Moisturizes baby's skin
? Treats baby jaundice
? Cleansing and special for sensitive baby skin

Special Features:
? First baby bath in Malaysia with betel leaf extract
? Natural bath that is free of SLS and Parabens
? PH suitable for sensitive baby skin
? Contains moisturizer to help moisturize baby's skin.

? The special formula uses premium ingredients such as EO geranium, Casia Senna Leaf, VCO & Garlic to help address baby skin problems and contains moisturizer to help moisturize baby’s skin

? Clinically tested
? Does not hurt the eyes
? Does not dry the skin
? Free of SLS & Paraben

Large size 120ml and can last 1-2 months depending on use

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