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Yusmira Losyen Halia Bara 160ml

Yusmira Losyen Halia Bara 160ml

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YUSMIRA HALIA BARA PANAS PATI HALIA 160ML or Hot Ginger Essence Lotion is suitable for softening, refreshing the skin and restoring a beautiful and charming body shape.

Also suitable for various other uses such as burning fat to slim the body, relieving muscle and joint pain, bloating and back pain, menstruation (for women), for sports, insect bites, exposure to hot substances and also for mothers after childbirth .

Suitable for:
1. Helps remove wind in the body
2. Very suitable for postpartum massage
3. Helps improve blood circulation
4. Helps eliminate excess fat
5. Helps overcome cellulite and cracks after childbirth
6. Helps deflate a bloated stomach
7. Helps shape the body to be slimmer
8. Helps overcome lagging, aching joints, flatulence, abdominal pain, waist pain, numbness of hands and feet, muscle and knee pain.
9. Not greasy and sticky
10. Suitable for both men and women

Direction of Use:
Sweep and rub where needed

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